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About Us

A proven solution to enhance quality & control management enabling businesses to improve the overall workflow productivity by reducing downtime.

Who are we?

DefectsIQ was founded on the principle that all manufacturing businesses should access quality management systems, which is the main driving force behind our business model. This desire drove us to develop a unique array of flexible and agile software solutions. One of those is DefectsIQ.
We make it feasible for manufacturers to develop a product of the highest possible quality at the most economical price. Our mobile quality solutions for Industry 4.0 enable complete visibility and control over manufacturing operations and reporting on those operations.
Our established and proven system for quality and control management enables statistical decision-making at the point of manufacturing. It gives real-time, online access to actionable intelligence at the location where it is required the most.

We are your process quality assurer

Quality management and quality issue management are our main focus. We provide cutting-edge, real-time process improvement technologies that enable businesses to achieve zero faults while minimizing material waste and maximizing profits.

A tactfully designed tool to make sure that you are well equipped to remain defect-free and produce according to pre-defined requirements.

A complete package to faux the digital twin of your conventional business process to improve the visibility and clarity of even the minutest details of the process to achieve the highest standards of quality and control.

DefectsIQ is meant to increase your workflow efficiency and productivity by improving work processes and control to eventually enable your company to stand out.

Differentiating Features

DefectsIQ's Compliance Solutions Benefit All

Through our products, we empower the business users to use the full potential of their chosen business application. Our products provide an economical means for businesses to acquire quality and compliance tools, regardless of whether they are migrating from antiquated legacy systems or are using cutting-edge digital solutions.