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Process Intel’s Quality Management Software Solutions will help ensure Aerospace manufacturers achieve compliance and manage the supply chain.

The aerospace industry is one of the biggest manufacturing industries and it’s one of those industries where the tiniest defect or mistake can cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. The cost related to manufacturing is extremely high as compared to other industry verticals. So, you can’t let things go off track.

There are hundreds of steps involved in manufacturing an aircraft and it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the ongoing processes with conventional and outdated procedures. Even computerized reporting is not enough, you need a full fledge automated and intelligent software tool to manage all the essentials. Process intel is designed in such a way that at any stage of aircraft manufacturing you will never feel yourself lost. You can always plan things ahead of time, keep track of hourly, daily, and weekly activities, set your own pace of the work process, and customize checkpoints according to your company’s stipulated rulebooks. Every member of your team gets a clear idea about their individual and team tasks.

Even if you just talk about the design of aircraft, our system is capable of coalescing all the stages to envisage different aspects including dihedral, sweepback, keel effect, weight distribution, aerodynamics, propulsion, and what not?
And besides design, there is simulation, manufacturing, and assembly.
All of these processes can be enumerated on process-intel with pre-defined action-oriented multilevel inspections and perusals. Additionally, you can create your inspection templates according to your requirements.

Ultimately, process-intel minimizes the chances of errors and thoroughly maximizes your process efficiency to attain the highest standards of quality.
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