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Accessibility is the biggest achievement of modern times and transportation is one of the prime factors in making things, places, and people accessible. Since the invention of the very first wheel, the commuting industry has evolved like anything and that evolution did not come an easy way. This whole industry has gone through numerous progression cycles. And throughout all these epochs quality and control remained the top priority. The automotive industry is all about precision, control, and meticulousness.
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DefectsIQ is designed to clone your conventional business procedures on your smart devices to enhance and increase the clarity of the processes included.
Starting from the ideation, stamping, welding, engine fitment, and assembly, to final inspection and testing. Every step of your automotive manufacturing can be visualized and scrutinized on our best-of-breed tool. You can augment pre-defined standards to abide by. Threshold levels can be demarcated. Recurring goings-over can be planned. Inspection lots can be recorded in the system to further use the data for internal and external reporting.
Strategize the executions well before time, and track hourly, daily, and weekly activities. Achieve targets early enough by managing brief stints. Enhance your team’s clarity by easily assigning tasks to specialized resources.

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