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Chemical Industry

Chemical industries are engaged in complex processes and operations of manufacturing chemicals and their byproducts. Production of chemicals is one of the most sensitive and perilous jobs. Even the slightest change in proportion or method can be hazardous and noxious. The quality of the process, proportions, and content can’t be compromised in the chemical production industry.
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Quality control starts from the very first stage of procuring raw materials. And right from that point DefectsIQ got you covered. You can define the quality and type of raw materials in the system to cross-verify. Inspections can be created for every stage of the process. Parameters can be well-defined to maintain the quality of raw, semi-finished, or finished materials which helps you to uphold the highest standards of production.
In addition to this, you can keep the equipment under control by setting up the threshold levels to get you notified timely to avoid any downtime. Sensors can also be linked with our software for continuous data collection and to identify any sudden spikes in the system to further report the issue and initiate inspection plans to detect and rectify malfunctioning.

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