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Construction Industry

The development of industry and manufacturing dates back to the beginning of time. Humanity has been exploring and inventing things for eons and has continued to evolve and improve throughout this entire cycle. Quality and control have always been and will continue to be the top priority in every manufacturing or service company. And, as time passes, the margin of error shrinks to the point that you can’t envisage flaws going unnoticed, necessitating a flawless system for registering, inspecting, and analyzing all labor operations included in any scenario.
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DefectsIQ is one of the significant Industry 4.0 market solutions for creating a digital copy of your traditional business process to increase visibility and clarity of even the most minor parts of the process and reach the highest quality and control standards. Depict your work methods and procedures, gather raw materials, register the categories of materials, create inspection plans, arrange inspection cycles and dates, assign jobs to team members, obtain evidence-based media attachments, enable two-way commenting, and add action-oriented inspection questions.
The construction industry is the part of manufacturing and trade that builds, fixes, renovates, and takes care of infrastructure and services. It affects the country’s technological and technical progress. It often controls the expansion of the nation’s infrastructure development, which in turn often leads to the country’s progress in ensuring sustainability. Sadly, construction is one of the industries that makes the most waste.
The process of construction can be broken down into five phases – planning/design, pre-construction, procurement, construction, and post-construction. Each of these processes are eased with the use of DefectsIQ. The aim is to increase efficiency, reduce costs over the building’s lifetime, enhance the building’s sustainability, and provide more value to the building’s occupants. Pre-defined action-oriented multilevel inspections and perusals can be performed on DefectsIQ to catalog all these procedures. And if that isn’t enough, you may customize the inspection forms to fit your needs. In the end, DefectsIQ allows you to maximize productivity and reduce variation, allowing you to achieve the highest standards of excellence.

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