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Look into the features, packaged together to perfectly address all the quality and control aspects of your business.

Foundation Data

  • Define your plant for the inspection
  • Locate your workstation in the plant
  • Mention the event for the inspection
  • Note the materials involved in the inspection
  • Devise the building conditions used in the inspections

Inspection Plans

  • Devise Inspection Plans at Manufacturing Steps
  • Qualitative and Quantitative checklist

  • Quality Control Checks with visuals

  • Attach forms for additional data extraction

  • Assign plans to inspection lots

Inspection Lots

  • Create Inspection Lots with Unique Identification.
  • Assign inspection lots to Inspectors.

  • Visual-based checklist with distinguished steps and QC points.

  • User-decision option enables to accept, reject or partially accept any lot.

  • Rejection Reason for every QC point and overall lot summary.

  • Sufficiently define the status of the inspection lots.

  • Assigned approvals from higher-ups on inspection lot.

  • Optional consent before submission of inspection lot.

  • Multifunctional mobile application.

Form & Flows

  • Traceability of the progress of the inspection through forms.
  • Extract personal or professional information from the team.
  • Forms with Two-Way Commenting for approvals.
  • Assign approval groups on flow forms.

Monitoring Through IoT Sensors

  • Incorporate sensor systems into your business process.
  • Detect changes in the environment.
  • Extract readings through the sensors.
  • Manage your sensors through the IoTFI portal.

Watches to Broadcast

  • Relay information within your team.
  • Use acknowledgments for confirmation from the team.
  • Announce new updates or news with a dedicated set of people.
  • Teach the team about new technology through watches.

Detailed Reports

  • Quality Issue Management for Reports.
  • Detailed Analysis of the System.
  • Get alerted on specific changes in the reports.
  • Manage the flow of your system through a comprehensive reporting approach.

Mobile Application

  • User-Friendly Mobile Application.
  • Mobile reporting.
  • Offline and online data entry.
  • Visual referencing for inspectors.
  • Complete inspections through the application.