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Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer-packaged goods, refers to products that are highly coveted, flogged quickly, and reasonably priced. The Worldwide middle-class population is expanding at an unparalleled rate. FMCG manufacturing companies are investing to meet the growing demand. Market situations are getting uncertain and erratic, so operations need to be supple and adaptive, which means manufacturing engineering, supply chain planning, and time-to-market will become even more crucial. This all calls for a whole new and innovative approach to fulfill FMCGs’ planning, production, and distribution needs.
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DefectsIQ, our top-drawer quality and control management solution carries through all the above-mentioned processes with ease and utmost visibility.
Like any other industry, FMCG manufacturing plants are highly complex in their workflow and operations. It involves dozens of steps to get the finished product ready to be delivered.
As quality control starts from the very first phase of procurement, right from that point DefectsIQ back you up. You can define the quality and type of raw materials in the system to scrutinize. Inspections can be created for every stage of the process. Parameters can be well-defined to maintain the quality of raw, semi-finished, or finished materials which helps you to maintain the standards of quality of your produce.

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