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The aerospace industry is one of the biggest manufacturing industries and it’s one of those industries where the tiniest defect or mistake can cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. The cost related to manufacturing is extremely high as compared to other industry verticals. So, you can’t let things go off track.


The automotive industry has evolved like anything and that evolution did not come an easy way. This whole industry has gone through numerous progression cycles. And throughout all these epochs quality and control remained the top priority. The automotive industry is all about precision and meticulousness.

Pharmaceutical Industry

This industry has played a massive role to increase life expectancy, especially for humans. It is also responsible for millions of jobs across the globe. It’s for those industries in which precision and accuracy are of high consideration.

Oil & Gas

Process Intel’s Quality Management Software Solutions will help ensure Energy companies achieve compliance and manage the supply chain.


AuditsIQ lets you work on inspections and audits without the internet. Offline functionality and Remediation plans have been embedded into AuditsIQ software, delivering convenience to process inspections.

Chemical Industry

Chemical industries are engaged in complex processes and operations of manufacturing chemicals and their byproducts. Production of chemicals is one of the most sensitive and perilous jobs. Even the slightest change in proportion or method can be hazardous and noxious.


Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), also known as consumer-packaged goods, refers to products that are highly coveted, flogged quickly, and reasonably priced. The Worldwide middle-class population is expanding at an unparalleled rate. FMCG manufacturing companies are investing to meet the growing demand. Market situations are getting uncertain and erratic, so operations need to be supple and adaptive, which means manufacturing engineering, supply chain planning, and time-to-market will become even more crucial. This all calls for a whole new and innovative approach to fulfill FMCGs’ planning, production, and distribution needs.