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Inspection Platform

Process Intel provides a comprehensive visual inspection platform that allows manufacturing companies to automate their manufacturing quality processes and reduce dependency on manual inspection. We use an innovative integration process, the latest data mapping tools and a library of applications to make the inspection process flow seamlessly.

Automated Visual Inspection Platform

At Process Intel we provide a comprehensive manufacturing inspection platform that enables any manufacturing company of any size to automate their internal and external manufacturing quality processes.

Process Intel’s inspection platform system integrates design, manufacturing, and inspection requirements to help create the most robust and trusted quality management system that services different manufacturing industries.

Convert Manufacturing Quality Departments Into Profit-Inducing Centers

Our system is developed to convert the quality department of manufacturing companies into profit-inducing centers. We did this by reducing manufacturing errors to the barest minimum, managing corrective and preventing processes, improving customer experience, and providing the support manufacturers need to comply with international compliance standards. It will also automatically extract all manufacturing and inspection requirements and help create a bill of characteristics needed to be met by making a ballooned or bubbled inspection drawing.

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