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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry has played a massive role to increase life expectancy, especially for humans and generally for all living creatures around the globe. It is also responsible for millions of jobs across the globe. It’s one of those industries in which precision, fidelity, and accuracy are of high consideration.
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Preparation of medicines is a very delicate and climacteric process, it involves dozens of salts, chemicals, and ingredients and the proportion of all these items must be very precise to get the desired medicine prepared, to be sold in the market. After all, it’s a life-saving profession and of extreme wariness and prudence.
DefectsIQ enables you to be at the top of everything related to medicines preparation, starting from blending, granulation, milling, coating, tablet pressing filling, and others. Even before all these processes, you can keep track of the quality of the raw materials, standards can be set to further investigate the items, and certain ranges can be defined when it comes to acceptance of any raw material. Sensors at your plants can also be uplinked with our tool to send in continuous data to monitor various parameters such as temperature, moisture, lighting, and many more to avoid any harm to raw material and overall downtime of the process. Inspection lots can be recorded and registered in the system for future reference. Post-production quality check-ups can also be enlisted and triggered to make sure that your product is defect-free before being dispatched.

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