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Reduce your Carbon footprint and Move to Digitalized forms


What comes to your mind when you hear the word, Forms? To some, it may be something very formal that we use in a work environment, while to others, it is very different. To them, it’s a piece of paper, virtual or physical, used to input data for any purpose. There can be several surveys that are conducted with the use of forms in normalcy. Questionnaires are also presented in various formats, which people utilize for their needs.
The form for Process Intel is a bit different. It is the hottest new function of Process Intel which eliminates the traditional use of papers. People can use it to extract any information from the team, whether it is work-related or not. This process brings about a change in the conventional communication method and adds exciting more features to it.

Excerpt Information through General Forms

General Forms are used to get information from the team without an immense urgency attached. These can be utilized in any way that employers deem essential. Brief instruction is given on each form that explains what data is required from the employees. It also explains how the form needs to be filled. The format of the documents is deduced at the beginning of the creation by the admin. It doesn’t change without their involvement. Data entry can be actuated in several techniques like radio buttons, single liners, paragraphs, check boxes or drop downs. Each of these methods has a different requirement and can be utilized in its own way.

Use Case: Providence of Safety and Accountability

Take, for instance, the case of a company named X. X has always been the one to go by the book and prefers maintaining its records over everything else. The company believes in physical hard copies of documents instead of online archives. Call it paranoia, but everyone has their peeves. Granted, they have the option to move to online means, but it won’t be the right move for them. The fear of losing the data to online hackers and being misused in the black market is what prevents them from shifting.
The transformation to Process Intel is the right venture for them. It will eradicate the need for physical records, and the system will handle every process in data entry. The thing which bothered the company was the risk of losing data. Still, Process Intel’s system controls the form reach to only the relevant people. The domain of the form will not spread to any unauthorized person without the approval of the admin. So, you don’t have to fear the records leaking and just join the evolution.

Control the Workflow with Flow Forms

Imagine you have to get a report on something in the process or just in general, but you need complete approval from the assigned person. Flow Forms is the way to go for you. Flow Forms are attached at any dependent or independent flow in the system. Each form works just like the general form with the exception of a reporting and approval mechanism in them. This mechanism dictates the flow of the form until its completion.

Use Case: Updates to the Printing Machine

Take, for instance, a case where a company has decided to update the printing machines at work. Now this task will be assigned to a specific entity that will be responsible for providing a report with the form. A form will be generated by the admin and sent to the designated person. After the update has been performed, the form will be sent for approval to the technical head, who will review the work.
After the review, if there is no need for another party’s consent, the form will be deemed complete and sent back to the admin. All this trail will be traceable and decided beforehand by the admin. A thorough involvement of more than one authorized entity will conclude the task’s completion. Another set of eyes will be helpful in the long run. Flow Forms provide integrity to any company’s workload and improve productivity at a much larger scale.

Stay Restricted to the Approval Groups

Approval groups are the bunch of people that are decided as the approvers of any flow form at the time of creation. Usually, it’s just one person’s approval that is needed to complete a task. However, there are times when more than one person will be allocated the duties of an approver. All of these people need to be adequately qualified and selected based on their roles. An approval group will be chosen at the time of the task creation and cannot be altered without the admin’s interference. Approval groups are a great way to promote traceability and encourage transparency.

More Exciting Features from Process Intel

Forms are just, but a small component of Process Intel that makes it the best tool for smart manufacturing. Process Intel is the ideal product used to convert the traditional manufacturing process into smart production. It uses the concepts of IoT and digitization to eliminate the need to note down everything. All the work can be accessed and monitored via smart devices.
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